Embroidery Machines

Sprint 6

All Purpose Single-Head Embroidery Machine

Perfectly suited for start up embroidery, personalisation, & Contract Businesses.

This high speed single head Embroidery machine features 16 needles and offer all functionalities like tubular- or cap mode, flat- or border frame mode. The SPRINT machines earn their name from their ability to maintain a top speed of 1200rpm without sacrificing the high quality stitching that ZSK is known and respected for.



The Sprint 6 features the newly designed ZSK slim cylinder arm which is the slimmest available in the embroidery industry. The slim design of ZSK’s tubular arm allows for embroidery on the smallest items with ease. With a maximum usable embroidery area of 460 x 310 mm, the SPRINT 6 model is perfectly suited for start up embroidery, personalisation, & Contract Businesses.


Sprint 6 Features

  • Cap Frame
  • Boot Frame
  • Cylinder Frame
  • Cording Device
  • Boring Device
  • High Speed Sequin Device
  • Stencil Frame
  • Pocket Frame
  • Trousers Frame
  • Magnetic Clamping Frame


  • One garment at a time
  • 1,200 Stiches Per Minute
  • Windows-Based Networking
  • Full Color Screen
  • Adjustable Presser Foot
  • 80 Million Stitch Memory
  • Low Noise & Lightweight
  • Industrial Grade Build Style
  • Twelve Colors/Needles
  • 3 USB Ports & Ethernet
  • Small Tubular Arm
  • Integrated Design Editor
  • Automatic Error Analysis
  • Soft Tension Technology – stitching small, high quality lettering