Embroidery Machines

Racer 6S

Six-Head Embroidery Machine with a Large Embroidery Field

Recommended for Medium & Large Embroidery Shops as well as Contract Embroidery Businesses

This tubular 6 Head Embroidery Machine was engineered in Germany and allows you to quickly see return on your investment.




This tubular 6 Head Embroidery Machine features the finest in German Engineering and innovation solutions to help increase your production.

This machine is flexible and durable and allows you to easily swop between other devices such as the sequins or cording device without needing to change or alter any electronic board components. Not only does this equipment provide embroidery decoration, but also allows for a wide range of embellishment options. Use it as embroidery only or add unique options to diversify your business.

The new Racer Series features the thinnest tubular arm available in the industry which enables embroidery in locations that were previously unreachable. The tubular arm design omits the picker at the front which limits the damage previously caused to fabrics.

The Racer 6S features 6 heads with 12 needles each and an embroidery field width of 400mm.

Racer 6S Features

  • 6 Heads with 12 Needles each
  • Embroidery Field depth 500mm
  • Tubular, Cap and Border Frame
  • Thinnest Tubular Arm in the industry
  • Embroidery speed of up to 1,000rpm
  • Adjustable Presser Foot
  • Stencil Frame
  • Pocket Frame
  • Trousers Frame
  • Magnetic Clamping Frame


  • Six garments at a time
  • 1,000 Stiches Per Minute
  • Windows-Based Networking
  • Full Color Screen
  • Adjustable Presser Foot
  • 80 Million Stitch Memory
  • Standard or Large Embroidery Field Options
  • Industrial Grade Build Style
  • Twelve Colors/Needles
  • 3 USB Ports & Ethernet
  • Small Tubular Arm
  • Integrated Design Editor
  • Automatic Error Analysis
  • Soft Tension Technology – stitching small, high quality lettering


ZSK tubular embroidery machines are extremely versatile and can be boosted and enhanced by using our optional accessories, attachments and frames.

  • High Speed Sequins
  • Cording Decoration
  • Boring Decoration
  • Barcode Design Input
  • Braille Embroidery
  • Adaptable Specialty Frames
  • Shoe Embroidery
  • Automatic Design Software
  • XL Expanded Frame
  • Automatic Name Feed
  • Adjustable Rolling Stand
  • Belt/Name Tape Embroidery
  • Auto Design Feed
  • Modular Design & Networking Software